Partners in Quality Care provides consulting services to help your early childhood program improve and maintain quality standards. With our training and assistance, your program could get fewer licensing findings each year. Our consulting services include assistance with state licensing, early childhood accreditation, as well as early childhood quality improvement.

Early Childhood Accreditation

Research has shown that high-quality learning during the early childhood years has been linked to a child’s positive, long-term outcomes in life. This can include reaching educational milestones, healthier lifestyles, and overall well-being. Accreditation helps teachers develop an understanding and commitment to quality. The process leads to increased staff morale, staff retention, and a positive program environment.

Partners in Quality Care provides early childhood accreditation consulting and training for child care centers in Minnesota and Iowa.

Early Childhood Quality Improvement

Partners in Quality Care provides observation, consultation, and training, to help maintain both state licensing and Quality Rating and Improvement standards.

A QRIS is a method to assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in early care and education settings” (Mitchell, 2005, p. 4). QRIS can exist on a spectrum in terms of their development and implementation and can operate statewide or in a local area. A fully functioning QRIS, however, includes the following components: (1) quality standards for programs and practitioners, (2) supports and an infrastructure to meet such standards, (3) monitoring and accountability systems to ensure compliance with quality standards, (4) ongoing financial assistance that is linked to meeting quality standards, and (5) engagement and outreach strategies (Child Trends, 2009).

How Much Does CACFP Consulting Cost?

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