How Adult Care Centers Can Benefit from the CACFP

Adult care centers, on their own, do amazing things for the health of adults in need. An adult care center can be an affordable alternative to a traditional full-time nursing home or other care facility, making it easier for low-income families to take care of their loved ones.

In addition, adult day care centers have the potential to impact their clients through nutrition. Providing healthy snacks and meals can improve the emotional and physical well-being for anyone—especially senior citizens or other adults in need of daily care.

However, providing nutritious meals can be expensive; this is where the CACFP comes in. The CACFP, a reimbursement program for child and adult day care providers, gives monetary reimbursement to low-income facilities that meet certain nutritional guidelines with their meals and snacks and follow other conduct-related rules.

How does opting for a financial reimbursement program like the CACFP benefit adult cares? Partners in Quality Care, a CACFP sponsoring organization, explains below.

Financial Reimbursement for Adult Cares Increases Clientele’s Quality of Life

With financial reimbursement readily available through the CACFP, providing healthy meals and snacks that increase quality of life has never been easier. When less of a financial burden is placed upon adult day care centers, they can better support the sometimes complicated nutritional needs of their clients, making a direct impact on their clients’ physical and mental well-being.

Financial Reimbursement Eases Client Financial Stress

The meals and snacks from adult day care providers may be the only nutritious meals that client eats that day. By making the purchasing of healthy foods possible through initiatives such as the CACFP, adult care centers can ease some of the financial stress on families that come from having to purchase these foods. Providing these meals and snacks, in many cases, would not be possible without financial reimbursement from the CACFP.

Need Help with CACFP training? Contact Partners in Quality Care Today

The CACFP is a financial reimbursement program for adult care care centers. However, applying and understanding it can be complicated. Partners in Quality Care can help! We provide CACFP training materials for adult day care centers and child care centers alike. If you need help starting the CACFP application process for your facility, contact us today at 651-925-9344.

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