Why Your Child Care Center Should Strive for a Parent Aware Rating

When it comes to making your child care center stand out from the rest, there’s nothing like a quality rating. The good news is that this is fairly accessible; many states, including Minnesota, have a Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), such as Parent Aware.

Parent Aware serves both parents and child care providers, connecting the two and providing benefits to child care programs that achieve a rating within its system.

Partners in Quality Care can help your child care center achieve one of these ratings; our child care quality improvement consulting services will guide you through the sometimes complicated process. Below, we discuss exactly what benefits a Parent Aware rating will bring to your organization and why child care centers should consider investing in one.

Parent Aware Ratings Are Financially Beneficial

There is no cost to apply for a rating, but the process can get complicated. Multiple pathways to a rating can make it difficult to navigate, which is why you should contact Partners in Quality Care for help. We can provide assistance along with your Parent Aware coach.

Parent Aware Ratings help Market Your Center

Once your organization achieves a rating, Parent Aware makes accessible free resources to help you market your center. Their social media kit teaches you how to spread the word of your achievement online. Rated centers also show up on the Parent Aware website, meaning that more potential families will become aware of the high-quality services you provide.

Hire an Early Childhood Education Consultant to Help Navigate the Process

Achieving a Parent Aware rating can put your child care center ahead of its competition. Let Partners in Quality Care of St. Paul guide you through the process. To learn more, contact us today at 651-925-9344.

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